KeySecure Code Authentication

Welcome to the Bosch Protect Assistant

To guarantee the authenticity and integrity of Bosch products, selected Bosch packages are provided with authenticity seals. By inspecting the seals and entering a security code our partners and consumers may verify product authenticity at any time.
Protect your vehicle from the risk of damage by fake products and support our initiative against brand piracy by entering your query. Your online authentication enables us to contact you in the event of any questions arising in conjunction with cases of brand piracy that have been discovered. Your assistance contributes to our preventive actions designed to protect vehicle owners. Thank you very much!
Your input code
Please enter the security code of your Bosch product without spaces for authentication:
15-digit security codes can be checked here >.
If your Bosch product is provided with an authenticity seal please compare the holographic security features as shown above.
In this case, the unique number in the hologram must correspond to the last 6 digits of your input code (number shown as example).